MAY 11 to 19  2024

Faculty: Drs Gireesh Gupta, Faizal Iqbal. Shiraz munshi, Ravindranath, Anand Kavi, Ankit Madharia, Janmejay Jamdar, Sunil Nadkarni, Omkar Sudame, Prashant Moolya, Netaji Patil, Amit Surana, Alok Gadkari, Satishchandra Gore.

All faculty may not be present at all times.

Friday 10 may 2024 join Dervan by dinner time. Suggested and highly recommended to travel from Mumbai by train to Chiplun. PICK up and drop is arranged by msf. Start staying at Dervan “chitrakuta”. Receive books and 2 surprises. 

Saturday 11 may 2024 Talks about emergence of gore system of transforaminal endoscopy and transition from open morbid surgery to transforaminal surgery under local in awake aware patients. The physiology and symptoms and diagnostic algorithms and imaging and limitations and how we have overcome the problems. Talks with adequate time for q and a.  - BRUNCH - cadaver session 

Sunday 12 may 2024  Talks about new philosophy and anatomy with special emphasis on surgical planning. 3 zone 3 wall concept wrt lumbar degenerative segment. Patho anatomy and symptom generation the need for change of jargon and new concepts for disc herniation and lumbar canal stenosis. -BRUNCH - cadaver session.  

MONDAY 13 may 24 NON spine , trip to beach. chats fire side chats  

TUESDAY 14 may 24 LIVE SURGERY  disc.. Case based discussions and image analysis. OPD session. 

Wednesday 15 may  24 Concepts in stenosis Zone wise and 8 symptom generators. Live surgery for stenosis. IMPROVING surgeon performance.  OPD Session.

Thursday 16 may  24 Concepts in stenosis and instabilities use of implants in association. Work life balance etc. how to set up a competitive spine practice. GROUP photo.

Friday 17 MAY 24 LIVE SURGERY for stenosis. SOPS for a daycare center .

Saturday 18 may 24  Talks and -POST BRUNCH- relevant cadaver session highlighting needle techniques and practice for access to foramen, extra foraminal anatomy and disc surgery. BATCH A

SUNDAY 19 may  24 TALKS and - POST BRUNCH- relevant cadaver techniques of transforaminal access and managing disc herniations, migrations and variations. Planning surgery, step by step execution. for disc and stenosis. BATCH B . 

program officially over by 5pm on 19 may 2024. 

Delegates may be leaving by 5 pm or after , or by 20 may 2024.