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Here is a comparison between open and transforaminal surgery. open approach

This video is about open approach in LCS  central canal to ligamentum flavum.

In this video, Dr Gore talks about how to do a medial facetectomy to expose the ligamentum flavum. He also talks about how to remove the ligamentum flavum from the foramen.

The speaker says that the ligamentum flavum is medial to the IAP and cannot be reached from the foramen. He also says that the ligamentum flavum can be reached very well from the open surgery.

The speaker also talks about a new system that he has developed that can be used to remove the ligamentum flavum from the foramen. He says that this system is a complement to the traditional lower foraminal Axis or a middle Zone transform in the endoscopy.

Below is tfe approach tfe approach

This video is about a new surgical technique for treating lumbar canal stenosis. The technique is called TrUBee TFE NEW SMRUTI.

The video begins with an overview of the anatomy of the lumbar spine. The surgeon then discusses the challenges of traditional surgery for lumbar canal stenosis. He explains that traditional surgery is often associated with complications, such as nerve damage and instability.

The surgeon then introduces the TrUBee TFE NEW SMRUTI technique. He explains that the technique is designed to be minimally invasive and to avoid the complications of traditional surgery. The technique involves using a small incision to access the spine. The surgeon then uses a specialized tool to remove the ligamentum flavum, which is a thickened ligament that can compress the spinal cord.

The surgeon then shows a video of the TrUBee TFE NEW SMRUTI technique being performed on a patient. The video shows that the technique is minimally invasive and that the surgeon is able to remove the ligamentum flavum without damaging the spinal cord.

The video ends with the surgeon discussing the benefits of the TrUBee TFE NEW SMRUTI technique. He explains that the technique is safe, effective, and minimally invasive. He also explains that the technique can be used to treat a wide range of patients with lumbar canal stenosis.

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Here are links to videos about upper, middle and lower zones and 9 symptom generating targets in symptomatic lumbar canal. VISIT links below.

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